What can I drink while on the diet?

On the Cruise Control Diet we recommend water as the best option for beverage. It is what your body needs to function, however, we do understand that water can be somewhat boring.

You can have tea, hot or iced, any variety, while on the diet. Unsweetened is best, but if you do wish to sweeten your tea we only recommend Stevia as a sweetener.

You can also have coffee while on the program, again, any variety. If you do add dairy to your coffee, make sure that you avoid any flavored creamers as they are sweetened and avoid whipped cream toppings. Dairy again, is a grey area and some people see results while having it while others can be affected by it. If you are not seeing the results you are looking for while having dairy, try cutting it out and seeing if that was the cause. If you want to sweeten your coffee, the same goes for teas.

We also recommend flavored seltzer waters, the varieties with no added sweeteners and no calories. They come in a variety of flavors and can help those cravings for something bubbly as well.


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